Melhus Management Company

Northland Medical Center

1000 E First Street
Duluth, MN

Northland Medical Center is one of Duluth's premier medical clinic facilities. Located one block above Superior Street at 10th Avenue East, Northland Medical Center is connected by skywalk to St. Luke's Hospital and its parking ramp. This unique property provides over 40,000 square feet of space on 5 floors, accommodating a number of specialty clinics administered independently and by the hospital.

Patients and families appreciate accessing health care services at Northland Medical Center and being connected to the hospital, as do physicians and staff. Everyone values the convenience and proximity to a variety of neighborhood amenities, such as the Lakewalk, Rose Garden, restaurants and Fitger's retail center, many of which are close by, within walking distance.

These specialty clinics are located in Northland Medical Center:

Peace of Mind of Duluth Inc.
St. Luke's OB-GYN 
St. Luke's Foundation
Northland Neurology & Myology, P.A. 
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Associates, P.A.     
St Luke's Northland Pharmacy
St Luke's Vascular Surgeons
St. Luke's Pharmacy
St. Luke's Wound Care 
St. Luke's Rheumatology Associates
Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth, P.A.                

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Total Space 40,660 sf
Available Space          0 sf
# of Current Tenants        10